Sewer System

Our combined sewer system delivers stormwater and household waste to the wastewater treatment plant by the same lines. The department has a combined sewer operations maintenance plan in place that is approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Maintenance Operations

The Street Department has a maintenance operation in place to prevent waste buildup in the transmission lines and to prevent undesirable material such as leaves, cans, paper, and other waste from entering the system from ditches and inlets. The maintenance plan includes:

  • Weekly street sweeping
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Cleaning of street and curb inlets
  • Cleaning of culverts
  • Cleaning of the sewer system

A clean sewer system gives residents a more trouble-free disposal system and increases their capacity for stormwater. 

Homeowner Responsibility

Though the city makes every effort to keep the full system clean, the transmission line from the City owned main to the residence or business is the responsibility of the owner.