Building Permit Process

Most construction activity within the City limits of Litchfield must be issued a building permit. Currently, small residential building projects require building permits on a case-by-case basis.

To see a full list of projects that require a permit, visit our Projects Requiring Permits page.

Requesting a Permit

Anyone requesting a permit can contact the Building Department to have the permit and inspection process explained. The property owner, contractor, or company is required to furnish the following information:

  • Applicant name, address, and telephone number
  • Legal descriptions of the property to be improved
  • List of general contractors and sub-contractors involved
  • Location of construction
  • Type of improvement

Building Plans

For smaller projects, a simple building plan showing project construction, setbacks, contractor, and other relevant information should be supplied to the building inspector.

For more complex building projects, an application for a Building Permit is to be completed.

Building and site plans must be submitted and approved. More complex projects require detailed drawings, seals, and signatures from the architect and engineer.

There is about a two to three-week plan review period depending on the complexity of construction.

Site Visits

Site visits will be made to assure code compliance of each zoning district.

If everything is in compliance, the building permit fee is collected and the building permit is issued.

Building Permit Fee

Remodeling and New Construction Permit Fee Schedule 2023

For additional information on Building Permit Fees, contact us at 217-324-8140 or 217-324-8177.