How do I report ordinance violations?

Please report your problem specific to your complaint, email L. Montogomery, or call 217-324-8151.

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1. When are leaf pickup days?
2. When is brush pick-up?
3. How do I report ordinance violations?
4. How do I request that a tree be removed?
5. How do I report a street light outage?
6. How do I request a road sign to be installed in my neighborhood?
7. Why is my water bill so high?
8. How do I pay my water bill?
9. How do I connect or shut off water services?
10. What is the cost of water service?
11. How do I pay my sewer bill and when is it due?
12. When is Citywide Clean Up in the spring and fall?
13. Where can I recycle?
14. What is the process of getting a sidewalk?
15. How do I report potholes and street issues?
16. How can I pay for my permit online?
17. Where are boil orders posted?