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Downtown Façade Program
The City of Litchfield seeks to address the maintenance and rehabilitation needs of building facades in the TIF District by offering Façade Grants to interested, qualified building and business owners. The study area is east of the I-55 interchange and both Historic and Old Route 66. This program is focused on the State Street Corridor, between Corwin to the north and Sargent to the south. The program expands well beyond State Street to both the east and the west. The eastern-most boundary of the program is Van Buren and it spans as far west as the railroad tracks. See TIF District Map regarding redevelopment area boundaries.

The Downtown Façade Program is designed to make a significant impact on the look of the downtown area. Front and Side Facades, Masonry, awnings, signage, lighting, painting and storefronts conforming to the Downtown Design Guidelines are all covered under this program. To learn more about the Downtown Facade Program please contact Tonya Flannery, Economic Development Director at (217)324-8146 or email:

More Information:
City of Litchfield Façade Grant Area Description
City of Litchfield Façade Grant Program Design Guidelines
City of Litchfield Façade Grant Application
Grant Application Deadlines

The Facade Grant information is made available to you in Adobe Acrobat format.  If your browser does not already have the Acrobat Reader plug-in that is required to view these documents, please click here to access a free copy of the software.