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Litchfield is home to a diversity of businesses and industries and is known for its manufacturing workforce.

Companies are achieving high productivity and low cost operations in Litchfield. The medical community continues its unprecedented escalation.
The work ethic of the people of Litchfield provides a unique opportunity for business growth.

Litchfield and Central Illinois are well known for their skilled and talented workforce. Here’s what businesses and industries are saying about Litchfield, Illinois:

“We’ve had great success and are poised for growth with our new expansion in the Litchfield Route 66 Industrial Park. We are extremely satisfied with our 16 year relationship with the city, available workforce, and accessibility to the interstate.”
~Alpine Engineering Products

“A key to our success has been the positive business environment in Litchfield, the dependable labor and close proximity to I-55 and St. Louis airport. This success has given us the opportunity to grow our business with world wide impact.”
~Schutt Sports

The success of any business relies upon effective people. Litchfield’s productive workforce offers a proven work ethic with low absenteeism and high productivity. Well-trained skilled and entry-level workers are readily available in the area. Managers and skilled professionals are attracted to quality lifestyle. In addition, a daily inflow of employees from the region provides an expanded available workforce.

Major Area Employers
Wage Analysis (Montgomery & Macoupin Counties)

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